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Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro

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  • Certificat electronic
  • Transferabil (activare online)
  • Pentru 1 dispozitiv
  • Fără dată de expirare
  • Poate fi instalat pe aproape orice PC sau laptop
Tipul produsului:
versiunea completa; posibil actualizat prin acord de întreținere cu titularul dreptului de autor
Tipul distribuției:
Volum (OLP, EA sau similar); certificat electronic
Software utilizat anterior:
da; furnizăm toate documentele necesare, în conformitate cu legile UE
Valid pentru:
fără dată de expirare
Metodă de instalare:
instalare din fișierul de instalare al producătorului (oferim un link pentru descărcarea fișierului)
32/64 biți
software multilingv
Numere de produs compatibile (part number, P/N):
  • Certificat pentru software
  • Documentație în conformitate cu legile UE (Declarația vânzătorului)
  • Confirmarea achiziției (factura)
  • Fișier de instalare pentru descărcare
procesor grafic DirectX 9 cu driver WDDM 1.0
Spațiu pe hard disk:
16 GB (32-bit); 20 GB (64-bit)
1 GB RAM (32-bit); 2 GB RAM (64-bit)
1 GHz

Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro

Agile and attractive system with the returned Start menu

Windows 8.1 operating system is based on the successful version of Windows 8, but in addition adds another major innovations that make your work and play more comfortable. One of the main reasons for buying a Windows 8.1 is its speed, intuitiveness and clarity on desktops and tablets. Due to lower hardware requirements than its predecessors has Windows 8.1 better stability and speed, as well as safety. The Professional Edition is designed for more demanding home users or business customers.

New tiled Metro interface

Windows 8.1 offers a clear and visually attractive user interface that can be easily operated by touching, as well as using the mouse and keyboard. Tiles representing applications and settings can be freely adapt, to which will help also different sizes of tiles. In addition to quick finding of your favorite applications new environment will also offer the latest information on weather, new posts on social networks or even share prices on stock market. For users who do not share the enthusiasm of the new environment, there's an easy solution – Metro can be easily switched off.

Complex search

Search files, computer settings or on the Internet with a shortcut Win + S. Intuitive search engine will accelerate work and always find what you need. There is newly allocated far more space for an extensive search.


One monitor is already not enough for you? Not so with the new system. Newly you will have the opportunity to view several applications side by side, depending on the resolution of your monitor. In addition, you can assign a different application window width and fill the whole desktop by them. Nothing will therefore prevent you from working on a project and watching sport match or chatting with friends at the same time.

Integrated cloud storage

Application SkyDrive for storing photos, videos, and other documents is now integrated directly in the system and it does not need to be retrofitted. In addition, it comes with the drag-and-drop files management or automatic flies synchronization between your PC, laptop or tablet. SkyDrive will also serve synchronizing and backuping your settings in Windows.

100+ apps in the Windows Store

You can easily extend your pre-installed system applications with new application from the Windows Store built into the Metro environment. Store offers a wide range of applications recommended other users or by Microsoft experts. Newly it´s focused directly on you and offer you the applications that you might enjoy.

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